August 11

100wc 3

Diary diary ,
“Me and my grandmother when to rose garden.”
“Grandmother Show me her favourite place.”

“She said it full of barde in the river, big threes and little koala. ”
“ when we got there it was the worst thing in the world.”
“there was no threes, on koala and the river was dried up”

“We went to ask what happen they said we’re close.”
“My grandmother cry and cry she said this place was the first place that grandmother and grandpa mate.”
When we got home I ran up to my room and cry I couldn’t cry in front of grandmother

I hope you like my 100 w c 👱🏼‍♀️

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Hi My name is Dorsa I like school, anime and art class Hope you enjoy my blog.

1 thoughts on “100wc 3

  1. Lucy

    hi Dorsa,
    great 100wc. next time ty to use the weeks prompt and make sure you proofread but otherwise it was really good.
    from lucy


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