August 3

100wc 2

O M G your having a sleepover  yes so what are we going to do first will start whit truth or dare then pin the tail on the pony and dress up.

hey guys I’m so happy you could come yeah we wouldn’t miss it for the world so who’s up for truth or dare yeah okay we  can play in my room

okay jinx truth or dare i pick truth okay who do you like like ooo0  w hat was that sound stop jumping the question no seriously i heard it to when all of a sudden the phone rings and then.

Image result for anime gail sleepover

…when all the sudden…

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  1. Aaliyah

    Hi Dorsa nice post i like the idea and what you did. But one sentence was 5 lines long so maybe shorten it. And use capital letters and punctuation. Overall it was really nice and flowed.


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