July 21

100 words challenge

Me and my brother woke up at 7:00am to wake up my mum so we can go to the new amusement park so we got ready then we ate breakfast got in the car and we were off. 

When we got there we were amazed we get two red wrist bands for all the rides after a little while we heard a scream coming from one of the rides we went to check it out the rides became real it was like a dream ring ring I woke up realised it was all a dream the end.

Hope you enjoyed it 😋   leave a comment down below 

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Hi My name is Dorsa I like school, anime and art class Hope you enjoy my blog.

2 thoughts on “100 words challenge

  1. antsclass

    What a great first 100 word challenge. It would be amazing if the rides came to life, wouldn’t it!
    I love the way you include sounds like the screams and the alarm ringing to make it more vivid.
    It’s great to see your colourful new blog up and running.
    Well done,


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